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Norman and Ann Jeter Family Fund New Sculpture at Hays Medical Center

A new area in the Hays Medical Center Rock Garden Café Atrium is now dedicated to all those who have been recognized by the prestigious "Daisy Award." Funded through an endowment of the Norman and Ann Jeter Family, the area was envisioned by Nurse Magnet Program Coordinator Sandy Gottschalk and Chief Nursing Officer Terry Siek. This new area features a large handcrafted soapstone sculpture entitled, “The Healer’s Touch.” In May, Hays Medical Center celebrated the beginning of National Nurses’ Week by dedicating this area and recognizing Omelia Klein, who was this quarter’s Daisy Award Winner.

The Daisy Award recognizes extraordinary nurses in all 50 states and 28 countries around the world. Hays Medical Center has participated in the Daisy Award recognition for nearly a decade, shining a light on the leadership and compassionate roles of its nursing staff with four awardees each year and one team award annually. Each Daisy Award recipient receives a miniature replica as a token of appreciation on behalf of HaysMed and the patients who nominated them. Thank you to all the nurses who do the work of caring for patients and their family members in their hours of need.

In March, the annual HaysMed Service Awards celebration were also held. Due to COVID-19 a drive thru event was held at the hospital honoring the Associates who have reached milestones in their service at HaysMed. The highlight of the celebration is the presentation of the Norman W. Jeter Humanitarian Award, the Sister Mary J. Mollison Nurse of the Year Award, and the Vic Eddy, MD, Physician of the Year Award. These awards are the highest level of recognition that an associate of HaysMed, part of The University of Kansas Health System, can receive.

The Norman W. Jeter Humanitarian Award recognizes an individual’s human kindness and dedication to medical excellence. The 2021 award was presented to Theresa Roe, Physical Therapist and Director of Rehabilitation Services at the hospital.


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