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At Jeter Law Firm, our practice is as diversified as the rural regions that we serve.  From large commercial operations to family farms; from big oil to independent operators; and from complex estate planning to simple wills, we offer representation with exceptional, client-centered service seeking creative and efficient legal solutions.  If you do not see a specific practice area you think fits your need, just ask.  If we cannot assist you, we will help you try to find other competent legal counsel that can.

Business Law



Contracts, Mergers, Business and Corporate Law, Banking Law, Acquisitions, and Collections

Our business and commercial practice serves a broad range of businesses, from some of the largest employers in the area to sole proprietors right on "Main Street USA."  We have experience in local, state, regional and even national transactions, and can help business clients with employee issues, commercial and business-related litigation, acquisitions and mergers, corporate governance, regulatory matters and other transactional matters.  

Real Estate Law



Property Disputes, Liens, Personal Injury, Contract Disputes, Quiet Title and Partition, Real Estate Development, and Licenses

Jeter Law Firm's attorneys offer a full range of services related to real estate matters and, because the unexpected can occur at any time, civil litigation.

Our team provides valuable legal resources to our clients in areas such as real estate contract negotiation and drafting; real estate development, including benefit district applications; and advising real estate professionals.  We also provide litigation services for disputes ranging from boundary disputes to business deals gone bad...and partition actions to personal injury cases, including appellate advocacy. 

Oil & Gas Law


Title Opinions and Solutions, Operating Agreements, Quiet Title Actions 

Successful oil and gas operators know the myriad of legal pitfalls that loom with every project.  Jeter Law Firm's experienced oil and gas attorneys can not only help get projects off and running with title examination and drilling opinions, we also provide document drafting, joint operating agreements, lease assignments, and regulatory opinions and assistance.  If need be, our attorneys can also litigate . . . when things do not work out as planned. 

Estate Law



Estate Planning, Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Probates

Whether you are a parent with young children or a retiree with assets to protect, estate planning is an area of law that touches us all.  Our experienced attorneys guides our clients to responsible solutions that address the unique situations that we all face in life.

We can also help with what sometimes seems like the overwhelming responsibilities that come with probating a loved one's estate.  We do so with client-centered advice and guidance to proactively navigate the exacting probate process.

Government Law



Attorneys at Jeter Law Firm have served as counsel to city and county governing bodies, as well as unified school district school boards.  We can help local governments weave through state and federal law, as well as provide guidance in employee matters, including collective bargaining negotiations.  

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