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Jeter Law Firm Relocates Hays Office

Physically, it was only a move from one floor to another in the historic Chestnut Building in downtown Hays. In terms of time, however, it was a move almost fifty years in the making.

On December 14, Jeter Law Firm closed its doors after decades on the Second Floor of the Chestnut Building, reopening on Monday, December 18, in Suite 101 on the First Floor of the building.

The new space, which had been vacant for several years, was remodeled to accommodate the firm's needs from its former configuration as a bank branch location.

The move gives the firm room for future growth and the addition of staff to better serve its clients. Mediations are more easily accommodated as well, with access to a second, large conference room in addition to the centerpiece of the space, the Norman W. Jeter Board Room, named for the firm's founder. The new office is more accessible to clients, with a direct entrance off of Main Street in downtown Hays. No elevator rides or stairs needed.

In addition, the move reconfirms Jeter Law Firm's commitment to downtown Hays. It is expected that the move will free space in the firm's former location to be reconfigured for small business owners seeking office space downtown.


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