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Jeter Law Firm Opens Plainville Office

Jeter Turner Sook Baxter LLP, a Hays-based law firm, has opened a new office at 211 ½ West Mill Street in downtown Plainville. Attorneys will be available to meet with clients in Plainville by appointment, with Plainville native and attorney Ashley Comeau planning to spend time each week in the space.

The firm’s managing partner, Chris Sook, believes the new location will give the firm greater flexibility to meet its clients’ needs. “We recognize that advances in technology are making it easier to provide long-distance legal advice and services,” says Sook. “We also recognize there are times when people just need to sit across the table and talk about solutions to problems. With Ashley being from Plainville, Michael being from Stockton, and the firm’s present role as counsel to the City of Plainville, it just makes sense to have this location as an additional option to serve the region.” Michael Baxter, a Stockton native, regularly keeps office hours in the firm’s Stockton location.

Jeter Law Firm has served Kansans for more than 80 years in the areas of Business Law, Banking Law, Commercial Law, Real Estate Law, Oil & Gas Law, Civil Litigation, Trusts, Wills, Estates, Probate, and School and Government Law. The firm includes six attorneys and now has offices in downtown Hays, Stockton, and Plainville.


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